New outreach clinic for 2017

MAMA’s most recent outreach clinic has taken us back to the shores of Lake Albert to a village called Nkondo II. It is approximately 80km from Hoima, 35km of which are unmade roads. There is another Nkondo a few miles away.

Nkondo is a fishing village where in the rainy season the village is usually cut off from any health centres. So pregnant women are expected to care for themselves and deliver in their home.

In the dry season women from Nkondo would need to travel approximately 10 miles on foot across dry river beds to receive antenatal care from Sebigoro Health Centre. They would aim to deliver there also, however, due to lack of transport most women will not receive antenatal care and deliver at home unattended.

The chairman for the village estimates approximately 6/10 women are pregnant and/or needing maternity services within the village. Therefore every six weeks MAMA will provide the usual antenatal care, syphilis and HIV screening, counselling and treatment, family planning and health education.

During these outreach clinics we identify sick mothers who need further treatment and management in a hospital. Then we can offer transport to them.

Our plan is to serve two other villages close by, one of which will require women to take a boat to see us.

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