Volunteer midwives

When a midwife or nurse first qualifies in Uganda, they are expected to work as a ‘volunteer’ for one year to pay back the government for their training. These volunteer midwives are usually only paid 50,000 Ugandan shillings (roughly £10).

In Uganda, a number of midwives will finish their training and qualify, but then be unable to find a job. Many will find alternative work, but returning to midwifery can be very difficult without practical experience. There is now a government drive to increase the size of the midwifery workforce, so job prospects are improving. At MAMA we would like to offer some of these out-of-practice midwives an opportunity to return to midwifery by gaining some post-registration experience with us, either in our Runga or Kyarushesha clinics, or with our partners at Azur Health Centre, and by also giving them the opportunity to attend our annual training update days.theirWe may not be in a position to offer these volunteer midwives a full time job ourselves at the end of their time with us, but they will have more skills and experience to put on a CV to help when applying for a permanent midwifery job.

Supporting qualified midwives to get midwifery experience
Funding living costs for one year while qualified midwives volunteer their services
Providing a route for qualified midwives to develop in the profession

£25 per month supports a  volunteer midwife with living costs.

Thank you!

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