In November 2015 we took Simon, a local builder (who also built our Volunteer’s house in Hoima), to Tonya to take a look at the Health Centre there. We wanted him to specifically look at the rooms Viola was using for her maternity care. He gave us a quote for the work required to make the rooms safe for maternity care. With thanks to those who supported us at our recent cake sale and some very generous donations on our JustGiving page we managed to raise enough money to cover his costs.  We also took a new mattress for the postnatal bed, bins, cleaning equipment, hand washing unit and posters for hand washing and obstetric emergencies. December 2015 saw Rhi and Sofia return to Tonya and see the work almost complete as pictured. Simon’s team of builders had fixed the leaking roof, removed all remnants of the bats found there, covered the vents with mesh so bats dont return, replaced the ceiling and put mosquito mesh over the windows so they could be kept open. They had also repaired any gaps in the plasterwork around the doorways. We had an email just before Christmas 2015 to say the work was completed.
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