Outreach clinics

Outreach clinics are a very important part of MAMA’s role in Hoima, and to date we have held nearly 40 in various villages. One of these was Runga which is now a maternity clinic offering services 24/7.  The outreaches are set up after negotiation with the village elders and traditional birth attendant. Usually the outreach clinics are held in schools or church buildings. And so sometimes we to pay a small fee to use their premises and we offer free services to the mothers.

Sustainable Development Goals

We are working towards one of the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the WHO. Number 3 is regarding provision of health needs including education to those living in remote and difficult to access areas, especially women’s health and sexual health.

A typical outreach clinic day

Five or six midwives will come in a vehicle from Azur and provide all the services below. The local church/school will help us set up the room offering privacy for palpation and discussions treatment around HIV and syphilis. We usually cause quite a stir in the village with many children and people coming to see.

Services offered

At each outreach we will offer family planning, antenatal checks, health education, syphilis and HIV screening, counseling and treatment, and child immunisation if there’s no provision for it locally. HIV is a free service in Uganda, but MAMA funds the testing and treatment of syphilis, both to the mother, and partner when there’s a positive result. Family planning supplies are also free, we provide the midwife and clinic to come to for counseling and offer them a choice.


Our current outreach is in Kyarushesha, which is 2 hours drive from Azur and has no health facility in the village for family planning or antenatal.

Other services

There are three basic drugs offered to all pregnant women: iron, deworming and antimalarial treatment. The antimalarial is provided by the Government of Uganda. The other two, MAMA must buy. We also treat minor complaints like backache, thrush or urinary tract infection. And again MAMA provides funding for these too.



Providing multiple health services to mothers and children in remote locations


Family planning, antenatal checks, health education, syphilis and HIV, and child immunisation


Administering iron, deworming and antimalarial drugs to pregnant women


£150 will cover the total costs for ONE outreach clinic including transportation to and from an outreach clinic – vehicle, driver and fuel – staffing and the necessary drugs to be dispensed

 Thank you!

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