Kangaroo care is when a mother nurses her baby (or babies!) against her chest, providing skin to skin care. This method has been proven to improve the outcomes of neonates, especially those born too early, of low birth weight or who are sick.

The WHO recommend Kangaroo care for the routine care of newborns weighing 2000g or less at birth, and should be initiated in health-care facilities as soon as the newborns are clinically stable.

On the MAMA maternity wards we try to promote skin to skin care thus promoting bonding between mum and baby, establishing breast feeding, regulating the baby’s temperature, heart rate and breathing, more rapid weight gain; all of which result in earlier discharge from hospital.

Thanks to the knitted supplies we receive and the mothers’ fabrics they bring into the delivery room with them, staff are able to teach the mothers effective kangaroo care.

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