Fundraising results

Earlier this year we held a cake sale and raised an amazing £930. So this was all put towards purchasing a dry heat steriliser for the maternity wards at Azur Clinic.

Before the dry heat steriliser

Before the staff had access to a steriliser they were cleaning their instruments using “Jik” (local bleach). And then the instruments would be dried in the air. Gauze swabs were sterilised in the small autoclave. As a result Instruments weren’t always sterilised properly or kept sterile due to lack of facilities. Instruments were going rusty when left in the Jik for too long.


The steriliser was purchased in Kampala and a local technician came to teach the staff how to use it. Since then we have supplied bags to seal the instruments once they have been sterilised. This simple machine will reduce the cross infection from using dirty instruments. And in turn this will reduce neonatal tetanus from using rusty cord scissors.

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