Caesarean sections

Caesarean sections may be required as a result of babies becoming distressed during labour or if labour becomes obstructed due to a small pelvis, large baby or malposition of the baby. It might be indicated electively due to a history of previous Caesarean sections or uterine rupture, or if babies are in certain positions (for example lying sideways across the womb). At MAMA we support our colleagues at Azur Health Centre in performing these operations when needed, whilst remaining mindful to not perform them unnecessarily.

Azur Health Centre is a not-for-profit non-governmental organisation that does charge small fees for services. Whilst this allows them to maintain a readiness and quality of care not guaranteed through the government system, at MAMA we know only too well that £50 is a lot of money for a local family to find, and they often can’t manage the whole of the fee. MAMA therefore subsidises these operations when needed for women referred from our rural clinics. 

Subsidising caesarean births when needed
Covering midwife, theatre nurse, anaesthetist and doctor

£50  will cover the complete costs of one Caesarean Section at Azur Health Centre including the drugs and equipment used during the procedure; intravenous fluids and antibiotics; admission to the maternity ward until fit for discharge; discharge drugs and analgesia.

Thank you!

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