Vaginal deliveries

Vaginal deliveries are where a mother manages to deliver the baby herself with support from the midwife. The mother will most probably bring her own sheets and clothing for herself and the baby. Azur will provide all drugs for the third stage of labour and any emergency drugs and IV fluids.

In Uganda only 50% of mothers are cared for by a skilled birth attendant, which could be a midwife, a care assistant, or a doctor. In Azur all mothers who do not need theatre will be looked after by a midwife. The midwife will monitor the mother and the baby’s heartbeat during labour and seek assistance if required.

Post partum haemorrhage

The biggest cause of maternal mortality in Africa is bleeding immediately after the baby is born. Therefore all mothers receive active management of the third stage of labour to reduce the risk of bleeding. Then emergency drugs are available on labour ward to manage postpartum haemorrhage and the mother can stay as an inpatient until fit to go home.

Preventing infection

Infection is the second biggest cause of maternal mortality. So women are discharged home on antibiotics or treated before they are discharged. Women are discharged with iron tablets, antibiotics, paracetamol and deworming tablets (because of the water they drink and sometimes the work they do).



ensure birthing mothers are monitored by a midwife


prevent postpartum haemorrhage with active management of third phase of labour


provide medication at discharge to prevent infection


£8  per vaginal delivery including drugs for delivery & discharge

Thank you!

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